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To ensure long-lasting and natural-looking results, the modern facelift works on the muscles, fat, and skin together. A facelift provides results that do not look stretched or that change your appearance significantly, other than making you look younger. The muscles and skin are loosened and then replaced in a more youthful position. Excess skin is removed. Fat can be removed, replaced (with fat grafting), or repositioned depending on your needs.

There are three main regions of the face that are addressed with facelifts. The forehead, the midface (from the eyes to the mouth), and the lower face/neck area. Often midface and lower face/necklifts are combined into a single procedure, although a targeted midface lift can be used for people who only need attention to this area. Brow lifts are normally performed as a separate procedure, often as a complement to eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty).

Most incisions for facelifts are concealed in the hair and around the ear. Brow lift incisions encircle the forehead, with the number of incisions dependent on the amount and type of lifting necessary. If significant lifting in the neck area is required, a small incision under the chin may also be necessary. Scars typically heal very well, and with their placement they are very well concealed.